So you've got people coming to your house and you do not have enough beds for everyone. You need to find a place for them to sleep but you really really do not want to get a folding bed because everyone knows how terrible they are. What is a considerate host to do? Before you buckle and buy something that you know you will not be happy with, take a little time to thoroughly consider all of your options. If you open up yourself to some possibly non-standard choices, you may find something that fits the bill. Consider the following options.

Its excellent service and excellent service is available for a comfortable stay in the comfort of your room. In many ways it is very similar to the standard folding bed option, the sofa sleeper, but instead of hiding the bed away in the depths of the sofa, it's right there, just folded in half. While the futons that most people are aware of were cheap and uncomfortable because they were being bought by college students, many futons today are high-tech and comfortable. Many different designs and finishes are available, including metal framed futons. While different in feel and look than other sofas and beds, if they can fit into your home decor, they could be a good choice.

Another choice that may be a little controversial is the camping mattress. No longer simply thin pieces of foam that do little to cushion or provide good night's rest, many camping mattresses are designed for car camping and not backpacking. Without the need to be transported on the back, they have ballooned up into 2, 3 and even 3.5 inches of memory foam topped self-inflating goodness. Of course, this larger size will be heavier and require more storage space, but will take up far less space than any folding bed you may be contemplating. The only problem is if your guests will be willing to "sleep on the floor" or if they, for either health reasons or personal issues, require to sleep higher up and off of the floor.