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Price: $159.99
(as of May 16,2018 14:58:18 UTC – Details)

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Enjoy The Ergonomic & Innovative Stand Up Desk Solution!
If you have a laptop computer or desktop, you need this height adjustable standing desk.
Great stand up desks are a one stop workstation, but it can be difficult to find one large & versatile enough…
That’s why we created this Huge 31.5″ x 20.5″ highly adjustable sit stand desk just for you!
With the spacious design & adjustment control you deserve, your standing desk will improve daily productivity & satisfy all your needs!

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Cheap Standing Desks…
If you’re looking for a stand up desk …here’s a problem you face:
Cheap standup desks break easily and don’t last. And if you sacrifice quality for price, matters get worse…
If you buy low quality sit stand desks, you’ll be disappointed by difficult height adjustments & unnatural keyboard placement.
This can cause back pain & be a nightmare! But luckily for you, there’s an affordable & anatomically designed solution!

Invest In Quality & Feel the Long Term Benefits!
If you need a standing workstation ..our high quality standing desk is the answer you’ve been looking for!
Maintain control over your adjustable desk by customizing it to natural levels fast. This is much healthier than sitting all day.
Imagine how great you’ll feel with no back pain & improved clarity!

Best Of All – Your Investment Is Here To Last!
With luxurious quality & innovative design, your standing workstation desk will last!
In fact, we’re so confident you’ll Love your stand up desk riser …you’re protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Invest In Quality & Click Add To Cart Now!

Limited Time Offer!
But hurry! We’re offering this special price for a limited time.
Don’t wait any longer… your standing desk comes assembled & ready to use!
Enjoy the health benefits and increased productivity immediately! – Order Now!LARGE & VERSATILE WORKSPACE !- Trade your old, boring work desk for an all inclusive & exciting stand up desk workstation. With an impressive 31.5″ x 20.5″ platform and adjustable desk height, this standing desk is your daily one stop shop for all your work activities.
BRILLIANT ANATOMICAL DESIGN !- Our breakthrough stand up desk design allows you to maintain medically standard posture with ideal computer height and hand placement. With an ergonomic keyboard tray, the height between your keyboard and computer monitor is designed to effortlessly prevent neck strain & back pain. This maximizes natural blood flow and keeps your mind clear while you work!
HIGH-PERFORMANCE & GUARANTEED TO LAST !- Manufactured with premium materials and tested with high performance standards, you can rest assured that your workspace investment will be around for the long haul. In fact, we guarantee that your investment is secure… You’re protected by our Stand The Test of Time Guarantee! So if you have any problems, you can return your sit stand desk for 100% of your money back!
FAST & EASY ADJUSTMENT BREAKTHROUGH !- Our proprietary quick and easy adjustment technology puts you in full control of your height adjustable standing desk …Maintain great control over your desk height by quickly moving it to a natural level both vertically and horizontally! This reduces back pain and is significantly better for your health than sitting for longer. You’ll notice the benefits almost Instantly!
DELIVERED READY TO USE !- While some stand up desks require hours of complicated assembly, we deliver your standing desk to your doorstep ready to use! Just open the box and begin your luxury experience… Enjoy the health benefits and increased productivity of high quality sit stand desk immediately. No assembly. No wait. Just results!

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