How to last longer in bed takes some practice and skill. Knowing what to do is important if you want to prolong ejaculation. The problem of rapid climax is not something you are born with. It is also not due to your body or age. There is nothing wrong with you.

Some men worry that it is because of his penis size. That is not true. To last longer in bed you need to know what to do before and during sex. Too many men take this for granted.

5 expert tips you on how to last longer in bed

1) Relax and stay cool

When you are nervous you will definitely fumble up in bed. Your anxiety will increase when you start thinking about how well your performance is and what your partner thinks of it. This will in turn release stress hormones in your body. What most people do not know is that stress hormones will actually make you ejaculate prematurely. When you get nervous, take deep breaths and think something relaxing. Think about enjoying the sex more rather than worrying about it. She will definitely respond to your positive energy which will definitely help you to prolong ejaculation.

2) Empty your bladder before sex

Did you know that having a full bladder during sex will actually encourage you to climax quickly? This is because of the pressure of the weight from the bladder on your genitals. So the question of how to last longer in bed for men can be as easy as going to the bathroom and emptying your bladder first before sexual intercourse.

3) Stop the rhythm

When you feel that you are about to ejaculate slowly stop the rhythm. Meaning stop whatever you are doing or stop the thrusting. This will stop the natural ejaculation process. Take deep breaths and once you feel the climaxing feeling going down, then you can continue the sex act again. This way you can prolong ejaculation. Another way to stop the rhythm instead of taking deep breaths you can immediately do a change of position when you get close to ejaculation. This will distract your mind and the ejaculation process. This is how to last longer in bed.

4) Rubbing instead of thrusting

Here is another trick you can do when you find yourself coming close to ejaculation. Press your pelvic bone against your partners and then keep rubbing instead of thrusting. In other words, your pelvis is rubbing against her clitoris and she will get a lot of pleasure from this movement. At the same time you can last longer because the pleasure is now off you.

5) Practice Long Masturbating

Practice masturbating yourself by taking your time. When you are masturbating you are actually programming your body, mind and penis for the length of time before you ejaculate during actual sex. So if it takes you only a few short minutes before ejaculation then expect the same during sexual intercourse. So from now on, be sure to take at least 15 minutes when you masturbate. This can be done if you stop and take deep breaths whenever you come close to orgasm and then continue. Practice makes perfect.

So following this 5 tips is how to last longer in bed.