How should senior people combat the probable financial cheating and fraudulent attempts on them?

How should senior people combat the probable financial cheating and fraudulent attempts on them?

Across the  globe, the instances of fraudulent attempts on the elderly people are rising at a massive pace. It is because, these individuals are mostly not that savvy of the modern technology, and the most important point is, these individuals tend to trust people very easily. As a result, senior men and women are made the softest targets to cheat over the phone, web domain, as well as through personal interactions. How to combat such threats and stay safe from such attacks? Here come your guide in that regard.

You should never ever hand over any information over the phone

The first and foremost important tip is that, stop sharing any information over the phone. For example, you can receive  a call with the caller claiming that he is one of the officials of your bank, and he is calling to verify some of your details for records. Take it for granted that a fraudulent attempt has been initiated upon you.  You should answer such questions as upon receipt of such information the alleged caller will surely exploit the information in alleged manners.

You are not expected to pay for something that is proposed as free

These days, elderly people keep receiving phone calls, stating that they have won a bumper prize ,or their name has been selected for some special offers, and they need to pay some nominal money as taxes, membership fee or on some other accounts. Give some time to yourself to think, do you really need to pay for something that has been proposed for free? Certainly not. So, you should consider such phone call and emails as a measure to cheat you, and you should never get into any further communication, or else, you will end up entrapping yourself in such traps.

Always ask for a written proposal

On receipt of such phone calls, you should always ask to furnish you a written proposal. If the offer is genuine, the caller will surely come back with a documented offer.  Some cheating attempts are launched through physical contacts as well. For example, someone can try to intrude inside your house on the plea that he/she is doing some market research and needs to talk to you for a minute. Restrict the entry of such parties inside the house, as they may do something really traumatic, after getting inside. Stay aware and alert that will enable you to escape these threats.