King flat sheets are really comfortable to use. These types of bed sheets are available in different sizes. The sizes of these bed sheets usually depend on the place where they are used. In the United States there are two basic king bed sizes. These are the California king and king size. American varieties are made to be 78 inches X 80 inches. This is for the American king size mattresses. The California king sized mattresses on the other hand are designed to be 72 inches X 84 inches. The standard measurement for a king size flat sheet would be 108 inches X 102 inches but this is not true to all because there are usually variations between manufacturers. The standard California king flat sheets on the other hand are made to measure at 102 inches X 110 inches. This measurement may also vary from one brand to another.

Let's proceed to the steps of folding your sheets. The first step of the process is to start with your fitted sheet inside out. You need to place your hand inside the pocket of one of the sheet's corners. The pocket of the bed sheet basically reflects to the triangular area that is created when elastic is placed at its corners. Next, you need to use your other hand to follow the edge of your sheet so that you can hold its other corner. After this, bring the second corner that you just held with your hand hand upwards. This time the fabric of the sheet will have its right side out. After this, you now have two corners placed in your hand.

Next, follow the edge of your bed sheet until you reach its third corner. Bring this up and hook its pocket on your hand. By this time, the fabric of the sheet should be inside out and you already have three corners in your hand. Do the same step once again so that your hand can reach the fourth corner of the sheet. Then, bring this one to your hand as well. When you do this, the fabric will have its right side out and all of the corners of the sheet are in your hanging from your hand. You now use your free hand to straighten up the edges that are hanging down to the floor from your other hand. You can now take your hand from the pocket so that you can fold the sheet in half two times. After this, you can now tuck away your bed sheet in a dresser or cabinet.