For many people exercise equipment is too hard to store. If you do not have a huge garage or a big workout room to store your equipment, you might not be inclined to purchase a treadmill. Well, you should really try and consider a great folding treadmill in the form of the Sole F80. The machine folds nicely and stores under a bed or in a closet without making a room look less crowded. This fold up design is unique and serious, which is why the machine is getting rave reviews, and helping millions get in better shape and stay active no matter what the weather is like outside.

If you're looking for a great folding treadmill, hope is there for you. You can take advantage of this machine and get yourself into a better healthy lifestyle with ease. It comes equipped with built in stereo speakers for you to listen to your mp3 player while you work out, as well as special presets to monitor your heart rate. The treadmill also features a nicer running surface than most machines to help absorb the impact and lessen the strain on your body and muscles. Furthermore this folding treadmill has a 3 HP motor that runs near silent. Overall this great piece of exercise equipment is no slouch in terms of helping you meet your goals.

The whole package gets a bow around it when you hear about the warranty. There is a lifetime warranty slapped on this machine for good measure. You're going to have no worries if this machine ever stops working for you. Most treadmills have a motor that burns out and then stops working, and this machine will not leave you high and dry. If anything goes wrong with the motor, you get one replaced free of charge for the course of your ownership of this great treadmill.