Two challenges exist in regards to conventional tonneau covers: either they impede cargo access or they fail to render adequate security. One manufacturer resolved both of these earlier challenges when they designed the groundbreaking BakFlip folding tonneau cover. Flip the cover back for entire truck bed access or flip it forward and lock it in place for robust theft defense.

BakFlip? At first glance you may presuppose the spelling is incorrect. Not so. This is the correct spelling to help promote the BAK Industries line of truck accessories. "BAK" Industries, thus the spelling. BAK, also makers of the acclaimed RollBAK tonneau cover, says "Just because a truck is used as for work, does not mean it has to look like a work truck.

Tonneaus are forever being exposed to harsh weather, so the BakFlip is constructed to resist Mother Nature's ire. This particular hard truck bed cover is produced from an automotive grade exterior ultraviolet resistive plastic which is also scratch resistant. Each panel is crafted from aerospace grade honeycomb core bonded on both sides to a tough ABS polymer laminate. The top itself is one hundred percent weather-resistant while also firm enough to support two hundred pounds even distributed. Additionally, your BakFlip never fades, warps or cracks. Instead of a problem, you end up with a lightweight, durable tonneau cover.

Within a mere few moments, utilizing but a couple of hand tools, you'll soon have your new BakFlip cover clamped to your pickup's truck bed. Experience a little difficulty with the installation? Simply view the installation video online at the BAK corporate website. In addition, the BakFlip's low profile design fits adroitly between the bed rails to do away with the gas-guzzling effects of drag. The cover folds easily into segments clear up to the back window of the truck's cab. This yields a cozy truck bed access while also enjoying the security and gasoline conservation characteristics of a tonneau cover. The cover rides level with the tops of your truck bed and allows easy stick hole access for those times you need to attach a handy truck rack, like a bike rack, ski rack, ladder rack or other.

Some people would lead you to believe the cover is waterproof. It's not, but I do not know if any manufacturer can honestly claim complete water-tightness. On the flip side (no pun intended) the BakFlip is as water-tight, if not moreso, than most other tonneaus on the market. And overall most customers we've heard from are honestly content with their investment. That includes the one who might have experienced a bit of a problem. Overall, the BakFlip's appearance plus its ease of installation caused most people to absolutely be truly pleased with their investment.

Additionally, we've heard from BakFlip users that the tonneau cover takes on an even more secure quality with the addition of a tailgate lock. The fact that you must first open the tailgate before opening the cover provides one more facet of added security, further minimizing the possibility of theft.